Down at the pier this weekend just sorting kit and getting a few things ready for the season.

There are the usual  load of cylinders to go in for testing. If anyone wants one testing, if you get it to me, I will take it in with mine.

I didn’t even have to get wet this weekend, can’t say I was sorry. We are at Vobster next weekend if anyone fancies a dive.

Not much vis around the pier after the Easterlies, surprise, surprise!


2013 season Swanage pier

First dive of the 2013 season. Conned again, Chris said there was vis!
1metre at best and about a tropical 9C. Great!
Chris said she saw a lobster, in her dreams maybe, but I did see a fish. It even had a head and tail unlike most of the ones…….Ask Chris she will fill you in!
Anyway, that’s the first of many no doubt, will someone please tell Chris we don’t dive the pier until Easter!
Hope you all have a great season.