Advanced open water

Looks like I will have to brave the cold again next week at Vobster. I have an advanced course to do, final dates to be sorted but it looks like being towards the end of the week into the weekend possibly.
Any takers? Dry suits only I’m afraid, I can’t even bear to look at a student in a wet suit!


London Diving Chamber

I spent the day at the London Diving chamber on Friday! Fortunately I wasn’t there as a patient, just doing their chamber awareness course as part of my HSE part 4 course. Something to keep me busy through the winter.
The day started with a dry dive to 40m. (Now I know what a cylinder feels like when it’s bring filled!) Following our 40 minute dive we had a tour of the facility, which included the compressor and gas rooms.
Before being let loose to actually operate the chamber, we had short lectures on decompression theory, different types of bend treatments and the treatment tables used.
Whilst all this was going on, Bill and Ian our instructors were also using the chamber to carry out real treatments for patients attending the hospital. None of these were divers fortunately. The chamber is used for a lot of other treatments such as burns, infections and post radiation therapies.
All in all it was a very interesting day!
Many thanks to Ian and Bill.

Brrrrrrrr x2

Well what can I say. I don’t think Brrrrr covers it this time. We all know the water temperature is the same as every winter but for some reason everyone emerging from the lake agreed that the water seemed cold yesterday. At least we only had one dive to do!
The vis was quite bad to be honest and we had quite a job navigating around the place. I would think Vobster would have sold more hot drinks than gas yesterday!
It was good to see and dive with Karen and Terry again. They must have been crazy as well.
Roll on the summer.
No doubt I will be back there again soon so get back to me if you fancy a cool dip.