Despite a low water, quite springy tide, the vis out on the Kyarra was still very respectable.
The exposed boiler can clearly be seen, no not me, the big thing next to me!
When the tide did turn though it did kick in big time.
Thanks to Bruce our Swanage Diver skipper.

Great vis at Swanage


After my week at Vobster instructing at Tek camp, I got back to great vis at Swanage.
This was taken on the Fleur in the bay. Even further off shore. The bigger wrecks had excellent vis, 10m plus.
Since then we have had some Easterlies which did their usual damage but even now the vis is back.
Open water courses over the next 3 weeks.
Good diving,


Think I’m in trouble, I seem to have ruined the photo. Apparently my dog toy doesn’t have any extra artistic value! You could say it isn’t adding much to the photo.
Personally I think the pink ball does add a splash of colour! What do you think?


Peveril Ledges

Conned again!
Drifting Peveril ledges on a weak tide so it was possible to swim along them rather than having to go over them for the whole dive. Great vis with lots to see, crabs, lobsters, swathes of hydroids, scallops, gurnard, Tompots, bryozoans, elephant ear sponges, boring sponges and to keep me happy….milk bottles!
A great start to the day with fabulous surface conditions too.


6m vis on the Borgny but the plankton made things a little gloomy. Lots of sea life, congers, crabs, lobsters even the odd diver.
She is believed to have struck a stray mine, 3m SSW of the Needles. A Norwegian cargo steamer, carrying coal from Newport to Rouen. All hands saved.
As the photo shows, her iron prop is still there In all its glory, well worth a dive. Depth 32m.