Red Bare try dives

Last weekend I was up at Vobster giving Tim a hand with Red Bare try dives for 6 members of Oxford Dive Centre.

Having previously already had a short pool orientation, Sunday allowed everyone the opportunity of diving the unit in open water.

A short session up in the VMS workshop and then it was into the water for the 45 minute try dive. We also got them doing some basic skills which demonstrated how the rebreather can be dived, both manually and automatically.

They all got on very well and seemed to enjoy the day.

The day ended back up in the VMS workshop where Tim downloaded all of the days dives so they could all see how their dives had gone. ‘Big Brother’ really was watching them as the software can show exactly the consequences of their actions in the water. This can be a valuable teaching tool helping students to understand and predict what might happen in the water next time.

Just the small matter of buying one now. The Red Bare is competitively priced with other similar units so if you like it like I do, it’s a realistic option.

It’s interesting listening to divers new to rebreathers. Many concerns really are born of misinformation and preconceived ideas. Try dives led by experienced instructors like Tim make a huge difference and allow divers to embrace the new style of diving.

It’s got to be worth a try dive to find out, you never know you might love it as much as Tim and I do !