Scapa Flow


Just been up to Scapa on a filming job.
Vis was pretty good, around 10m at least and the water a balmy 9C.
Good to see the old wrecks again.
We dived the Karlsruhe, the Dresden, the
Coln and the Markgraf.
The filming was about how the presence of the wrecks in the Flow has limited local fishing, allowing certain animal species to thrive.
There are millions of brittle stars carpeting everything, including the wrecks. Horse mussels are also thriving underneath vast swathes of brittle stars
Thanks to all the dive team, Rich,
Dan, Rob and Kieran. Not forgetting Geordie and George the ever tolerant Sunrise crew who looked after is with hot soup and a magic kettle which always seemed to be hot!
An excellent week.
Look out for it on the One Show, when ? Who knows?


CCR a Trimix course


Well done to Gerard Punch and Andy Aston on completing their CCR Trimix course last weekend.
Braving Vobster and Chepstow despite the chilly water temperatures of the quarries.
Also many thanks to Rick Ayrton for sending me the photos, having patiently followed us around Vobster skill bashing for an hour on the first day.


New era for 2014

2014 season, re furbished portacabin at Divers Down Swanage.


I look forward to seeing and diving with you all soon.
Come on down, the water’s terrible…..but at least we have somewhere nice to hide from the rain .

Rebreather try dives at Vobster


We were back at Vobster last weekend, more try dives.
All the new potential rebreather divers did especially well and I think enjoyed their new experience. Considering that the quarry was quite busy, the vis held up well.
Despite being full of a cold Terry managed to try out the Inspirations front mounted counter lungs.
Many thanks to Tim and the staff from Vobster for all their help and a very special thank you to Nicky and all the staff from AP Valves for making it possible.
We are hoping for one more session at Vobster before Christmas.
If you would like to have a go, please give me a call.

Thinking of diving Malin Head?

I don’t know if anyone caught this last Sunday on BBC 2. The program was about the World War 2 wrecks around Malin resulting from the Battle of the Atlantic, with an emphasis on the part Northern Ireland played.
You might recognise the diver with a huge light on a DPV chasing a diver around a type 21 electro boat submarine. The wreck was sunk as part of Operation Deadlight at the end of the war.
The program can still be viewed on i
player until Saturday.

Early start!


Early start, 06.30 Kyarra, worth getting up for before the gales forecast get going.

Kyarra vis is is coming back and was 8-10M on the LWS. Pete and I sneaked a dive this afternoon, excellent vis and an interesting boat ride!
There is still some good diving to be done.

Open Water students

Congratulations to all my recent Open Water and junior Open Water students.
We have been pretty lucky with the vis and weather these past few weeks.
It always helps if you can still see your students !