Think I’m in trouble, I seem to have ruined the photo. Apparently my dog toy doesn’t have any extra artistic value! You could say it isn’t adding much to the photo.
Personally I think the pink ball does add a splash of colour! What do you think?



Peveril Ledges

Conned again!
Drifting Peveril ledges on a weak tide so it was possible to swim along them rather than having to go over them for the whole dive. Great vis with lots to see, crabs, lobsters, swathes of hydroids, scallops, gurnard, Tompots, bryozoans, elephant ear sponges, boring sponges and to keep me happy….milk bottles!
A great start to the day with fabulous surface conditions too.


6m vis on the Borgny but the plankton made things a little gloomy. Lots of sea life, congers, crabs, lobsters even the odd diver.
She is believed to have struck a stray mine, 3m SSW of the Needles. A Norwegian cargo steamer, carrying coal from Newport to Rouen. All hands saved.
As the photo shows, her iron prop is still there In all its glory, well worth a dive. Depth 32m.



As part of World Oceans Day, Dorset Wildlife Trusts Voluntary Marine Reserve at Kimmeridge held a bio -blitz on Saturday. (A sampling of all wildlife in the bay, ranging from rock pools, diver surveys and bat surveys in the evening.)

This provided a comprehensive picture of all the wildlife in and around the bay.

As this coincided with terrible vis at Swanage and the boats being unable to get out, I was somehow persuaded to go for the shallowest dive ever!
So shallow my computer eventually gave up trying to record what I was doing, but as I didn’t know either, that made 2 of us!

Well at least there was some vis along with the seaweed!

Next time Swanage us blown out withe easterlies, give it a try.


Tek Camp 2013

There are still a few places available at this years Tek Camp which is held at Vobster Quay July 8th – 12th.

There are many top technical divers and instructors attending all there to help you get on to the technical diving ladder. Everything from rebreather try dives, side mount, scooters, line laying and lots lots more. Guest speakers this year include cave divers Rick Stanton, Jon Volanthen and Lamar Hires.

With people like that there I will be running the technical snorkelling sessions!


Mark 3 Pontoon

The boats left the pier this morning from the new pontoon which we hope might survive the Swanage weather.
Vis around the pier has been quite good although low tides have been pretty dirty. Divers dived the Kyarra on the high water slack and got 5m, although when I dived it in the morning it wasn’t quite that good.
The pier was busy last weekend, so hopefully the season is well under way.




The vis at the weekend was pretty good, and the temperature does seem to be improving a little 10-11c seems to be on most computers.
As a result the air station was pretty busy especially on Saturday.

Chris found a lumpsucker under the pier and the fish are back on the Fleur .
We even managed to do a pier try dive on Sunday as the vis was around 5m. Well done Mark, glad you enjoyed your dive. The boat is out on Wednesday if anyone has a day off mid week.


5m vis at Swanage

As we hoped, the vis held for the rest of the weekend. The pier vis did remain about 4-5 m and out on the Fleur it was similar.
All 3 boats were out over the holiday weekend and when I tied the bow shot line into the Kyarra on Monday, even on the LWS the conditions were very ‘diveable”.
Probably about 4-5m and not dark just the usual green if not a bit gloomy.
The divers who dived her on the Monday, were more than happy.

Fingers crossed for next weekend, we have accompanied dives on if anyone fancies a dive. We have bigger tides and a not so good fore cast! Oh well, I’ll put the kettle on.


Vis at swanage

Well at long last, we had about 4/5 m vis today. Just in time to do an Open Water referral! Well done Paul, despite the chilly 10C under the pier.
The boats were very busy all day and the new Swanage Diver super-shuttle made its debut trip. Marine life is increasing too with cuttlefish,nudibranchs, corkwing and ballan wrasse  seen under the pier.
With the weather looking quite settled for the rest of the bank holiday there is hopefully some more good diving to be done.